In the company KIO Ltd., we are engaged in hotel management and tourist accommodations – renting rooms and apartments in the village of Čezsoča in the facilities of Villa Korošec and Pierta apartment. Due to our desire for further development and growth of the company, as well as the development of the village of Čezsoča, we have decided to invest in the purchase of the old building Zadružni dom, its reconstruction, and the establishment of “Gostišče Zadružni dom Čezsoča”. With the goal of establishing 4* and 5* tourist services and effectively implementing them in an energy-efficient building, the project cost has significantly increased. For this reason, we have applied for funding for the entire project under the public tender of the MINISTRY OF ECONOMY, TOURISM, and SPORTS:

Public tender for co-financing investments in accommodation tourist offer for increasing the added value of tourism (NOO accommodation capacities)

As part of the project ESTABLISHMENT OF THE GUESTHOUSE “ZADRUŽNI DOM ČEZSOČA”, we will invest in: reconstruction of the building with the offer of a guesthouse and 40 accommodations construction of a solar power plant construction of an electric vehicle charging station establishment of additional tourist offerings upgrade of business digitalization employee training

Project implementation period: 16.12.2022 to 31.03.2026

Project value:

  • total project value: €2,898,462.67 (excluding VAT),
  • amount of funding from the NOO fund: €823,508.33.

Funding source: Recovery and Resilience Plan:

development area C3: Smart, sustainable, and inclusive growth, component K11: Sustainable development of Slovenian tourism, including cultural heritage, and investment IB: Sustainable development of Slovenian accommodation tourist offer for increasing the added value of tourism.